Supervising Pharmacist - Bray

Job Description

Promote and strengthen a culture of quality and safety within the pharmacy acting as a role model for the safe supply of medicines.
Uphold the reputation of the profession by acting with honesty, probity, and integrity, as patients expect to be able to trust that you always act in their best interests.
Work continuously to promote a culture of respect, trust, and a focus on the individual person to ensure the patient receives person-centred care.
Drive regulatory compliance and ensure that all PSI and PCRS regulatory standards are adhered to.
Adhere to and implement all company standard operating procedures.
Be accountable for all Health and Safety procedures in your dispensary.
Demonstrate good commercial compliance and drive this through areas such as ensuring exceptional claim accuracy and dispensary stock control.
Set objectives, motivate, monitor performance, coach, and mentor your Team.
Lead by example and help promote and maintain the delivery of continuously improving high-quality and compassionate healthcare
Drive and support all company initiatives including in-store and digital health screening services.
Understand, support, and participate in the retail operation of the Pharmacy.
Be highly engaged with your local community and strive to seek out opportunities to promote healthcare.